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    Posted: 10/07/2021

    OCC Executive Director
    The Executive Director works under the direction of the Board to implement the mission of the Conservancy. The
    Executive Director shall be an
    ex officio member of the Board without vote. The Executive Director may not be
    present during discussion of any policy that might affect his/her compensation. The following and such other
    activities as the Board may assign comprise the responsibilities of the Executive Director.

    1. Collaborate with the Finance Committee and Treasurer to develop an annual budget
    2. Interact at the direction of the Board with legal counsel
    3. Provide monthly reports to Board, including information on properties, baseline reports, nascent CEs,
    collaborations, etc.
    4. Manage permanent files of CEs, monitoring reports, Annual Reports, 990 filings with the IRS, etc.
    5. Seek and maintain accreditation through the Land Trust Alliance
    6. Develop and coordinate public educational events, such as presentations about CEs, seminars for
    attorneys/CPAs and other professionals, etc.
    7. Represent OCC at meetings such as COLT, District 17 NRAC, Knox County Chamber of Commerce, etc.
    8. Collaborate with the Board in the development of policies, e.g., a policy on holding fee simple interests in
    9. Coordinate collaborations with other conservation organizations such as:
    a. Philander Chase Corporation,
    b. Knox County Park District,
    c. Knox Soil and Water Conservation District,
    d. Brown Family Environmental Center,
    e. Kokosing State Scenic River Advisory Council, and
    f. Committees of the KCRPC
    10. Coordinate the printing of brochures, annual reports, fund raising materials, etc.
    11. Organize Annual Meeting
    12. Coordinate all aspects of the Annual Report

    Conservation Easements
    1. Meet with landowners singly or in groups about CEs
    2. Develop CEs for specific properties, including interacting with legal counsel as necessary and obtaining
    baseline documentations, appraisals, title searches, surveys, etc. as may be needed
    3. Coordinate the posting and monitoring of land covered by CEs; follow up on violations of the terms of
    4. Report results of monitoring to the Board, including resolution of violations, whether major or minor
    5. Oversee fee simple interests in land

    Staffing and Development of Personnel
    1. Oversee activities of staff
    2. Oversee website and social media for an effective ongoing media presence
    3. Coordinate activities of Trustees and other volunteers to accomplish monitoring and other ongoing
    4. Engage in ongoing personal development through educational opportunities offered by the Land Trust
    Alliance, Terrafirma and other organizations related to the land trust movement

    Fundraising and Membership
    1. Coordinate all fund-raising activities, including accessing external funding for the conservation of land,
    membership drives, sale of OCC cards, etc.
    2. Apprise the Board of opportunities for external funding
    3. Assure compliance with the requirements of external funding
    4. Collect names of potential members; make contacts, presentations, etc. to encourage memberships
    5. Organize annual membership drive and re-contact current/former members
    6. Organize perks of membership such as “Explore the Nature of Knox County”

    7. Coordinate activities that contribute to fundraising and membership.
    1. Ten years of experience with a land trust and land conservation, including enforcement of conservation
    easements and fundraising;
    2. Resident of Knox or surrounding counties (area of service for Owl Creek Conservancy) and familiar with
    the local cultures in that area;
    3. Ability to collaborate productively with varied groups;
    4. Dedication to the Mission of Owl Creek Conservancy, with commitment to implementing the Land Trust
    Alliance’s Standards and Practices and working within Owl Creek Conservancy’s Policies and Procedures
    (Board Manual
    Mission Statement
    The Owl Creek Conservancy is a private nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to conserving natural and
    agricultural lands in the Knox County Area through widespread private action. We work with landowners for the
    public good to maintain and to improve the quality of life now and in the future by conserving farmlands, stream
    corridors, aquifer- and watershed-protection areas, wildlife habitats, woodlands, scenic vistas, and ecologically
    sensitive areas of environmental, historic, and community imp

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